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2022 Free Throw Pledge-A-Thon

Thank You for you interest in supporting Columbine Boys Basketball in our 2022 Free Throw Pledge-A-Thon.


On Monday December 19th the Boys Basketball Level 3, JV and Varsity along with our Feeder Teams will hold a Free Throw Contest where each Athlete will attempt to make as many Free Throws as possible out of 100 Attempts. We are holding the system open until Friday Dec 23 to accept pledges so please get your Pledge in now!

Fill Out the form below and for each made Free Throw we will look for you to Donate that amount multiplied by the made Free Throws of the Player Designated.

For example if you Pledge $0.50 [Fifty Cents] per made Free Throw and the Player makes 80 Free Throws, your Pledge Total would be $40.00

A Pledge Fulfillment Email will be sent out by December 20th 2022 to email address supplied and we will be looking for the Pledge Payment to be returned by December 31st 2022

Free Throw Pledge

Help us make a difference

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