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Tryouts Winter 2024/2025

Tryouts for the Winter 2024/2025 Season will be held on November TBD (the week before Thanksgiving), 2024. 

  • All players MUST have a completed athletic registration on file including a current sports physical.  Go to the Columbine Athletics page to submit your information. 

  • Tryouts are closed to anyone not participating, including friends and parents.

  • Teams will be announced on the final day of tryouts, and individual team practices will begin the next day.

  • Team practice times are still TBD and will be announced as soon as possible. 

  • Remember to bring a water bottle, inhaler, basketball shoes, and dress appropriately for tryouts. NO jean shorts, Vans.

  • The coaching staff will be looking for coachable athletes who have a great work ethic and want to learn and be better players and teammates.  Team selections are based not only on skill, but attitude, effort, and energy play a big part in placement as well.

  • We will NOT be conducting a 'make-up' tryout for those who are unable to attend all or part of our tryouts.

  • Missing a day (or more) of tryouts will affect your team placement.  Each day is an opportunity to be evaluated and an important piece of team placement. 

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What happens after tryouts?

If you make a team...
Congratulations, and Welcome to Rebel Basketball!  Team practice will begin the day after tryouts, and will be held Monday through Friday.  Games begin in late December, and will continue through February. On nights we do not have  a game, teams will have practice.  Mixed in with practice and games, each team will have a tournament.  Varsity game will be on different days at times - be sure to check the CALENDAR for updated information on all games.

If you did not make a team...

Team selections are a stressful process for athletes and coaches. We will have individual conversations with every athlete at tryouts and will explain why they didn't make a team this season.  If you would like to have a more detailed conversation with the coach, please reach out via email to schedule a meeting.  Please allow at least 24-hours after tryouts for us to respond. 

We offer team manager positions available if you would still like to be part of Rebel Basketball.  A team manager is part of the team and is expected to attend all practices, games, and team events as scheduled.  He will help the coach and team with drills, taking stats at games, supporting the program, etc.  If you think this is a good fit, please reach out to Coach Chester to discuss being a Team Manager. 

If a team manager isn't for you, Columbine offers other sports and activities.  Check out the Athletics page for additional information.

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